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Philosophy and Values

We are a modern family-run winery, based on the integral management of the vineyard and the winery that uses the best grapes as the basis of an excellent red wine with a strong personality and in line with current tastes.

We have limited production of high-quality red wines.

We are focused on sales in high quality restaurants and specialty wine stores in Spain and in selected international markets.  We give special importance to direct purchases in our winery and encourage “online” purchases.

Our customer focus involves carefully selecting with our distributors our sales locations and having personal contact with the restaurants and specialty wine stores that offer our wine.

We believe in the importance of our brand as a symbol of quality that provides security and certainty in a sector which sometimes creates a great deal of confusion for the consumer.  We expect the brand Pago de Larrainzar to serve as an umbrella for our family of wines.

We offer quality wine tourism, where the tourist learns about the world of wine making and viticulture in a close and friendly environment.


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Vea nuestro vídeo corporativo
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