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Raso de Larrainzar Reserva

Raso de Larrainzar Reserva 2014


Raso de Larrainzar was born with the 2007 vintage, when our American importer asked us for a wine that would respond to the tastes of his market. A more modern wine, with more Tempranillo in its blend and shorter ageing.

These are the Raso de Larrainzar wines, blended wines with the joy and personality of Tempranillo, added to the elegance and complexity of other grapes, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha. These are pleasant wines, which always make you want to have a second glass.

Vineyard: 100% Estate owned by Pago de Larrainzar, 17 Ha.
Harvest: Tempranillo: 7th Oct. 2014, Merlot: 8th Oct. 2014, Garnacha: 14th Oct. 2014, Cabernet Sauvignon: 23rd Oct. 2014.

Blend: Tempranillo 43%, Merlot 32%, Cabernet S. 13%, Garnacha 12%.
Time in oak: 12 months in French oak barrels. 20% New barrels.

This wine talks about harmony and elegance. It comes from a vineyard located in the beautiful property where the Larrainzar family has lived for more than 160 years, surrounded by a century-old stone wall. Its label reminds us of the French style gardens that embellish this magical place.

The vineyard is located at a considerable altitude, around 575 m above the sea level. And it is also important the latitude, very northern for the cultivation of red varieties, which means the delay of the ripening of the grapes, in relation to other areas, and therefore a late harvest. These circumstances contribute to the uniqueness of the grapes, with special and objective impact on the tannin content, acidity, and aromas of the wines.

The grapes were picked by hand, finishing at the end of October to ensure its perfect maturation. Then, the different varieties and plots were vinified and aged in barrels separately. Only then we create the final blend, from dozens of finished wines, to achieve a perfect balance where the fruit always plays the leading role.

Appearance: It shows a clean and luminous, mid-depth cherry red colour, with ruby rim.

Nose: Clean aromas, perfectly formed by its origin and its aging in oak. We find quality notes of red fruits such as raspberries, forest fruits, blackcurrant and fig.Notes of cocoa, spices, and clove can be appreciated, as well as smoky and leafy notes, which remind us of the location of the vineyard.

Palate: Pleasant and velvety on the palate, it shows soft and well-balanced tannins. Its fruity character is perfectly balanced with the creamy notes of its aging. With a good structure, it is a long and fresh wine, backed up by its acidity, and leaves a nice a fruity aftertaste.

Bottling: 15,213 bottles of 75cl.

Alcohol: 14,5% Vol
Color: 8.8 Units.
Total Acidity: 5.1 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 0.58 g/l


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