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Grape Varieties, clones and stocks

Grape Varieties:

We focus on blends and so we planted varieties that complement each other, contributing with their own personality to create the personal style of our “terroir”. Some varieties have a French origin, and they are perfectly acclimatized in our land with great worldwide recognition. Two other varieties have a local origin, Tempranillo and Garnacha. So we offer unique wines, which are only possible to be elaborated on this region.

In sum, we chose the most suitable varieties for our land, because here they show their best. There are four castes that feel good in our vineyard; they mature well and with balance in these soils. And this way we offer the world our personal blends, which tell the best of this land: unique wines that cannot be produced in the rest of the world.

variedadesClones and root stocks: At Pago de Larrainzar we have selected different clones and root stocks, according to the characteristics of the soil, the climate and the type of wine that we want to produce. In this selection we aim to add complexity to the wines.




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