Pago de Larrainzar


At Pago de Larrainzar we harvest by hand in 15kg stackable boxes, so that the grapes enter the winery in good condition without rupturing and thereby avoiding an uncontrolled start of the fermentation process.  Furthermore, we harvest each plot separately when the grapes are at their optimal maturity.

The proximity of the vineyard to the winery guarantees that the grapes reach the winery in less than one hour from the time of their collection, thereby ensuring that the wine making process can begin in perfect conditions.

To obtain the desired quality of grapes, in the vineyard we carry out a first selection not only of whole bunches but also berry by berry, if necessary.  Once the grapes enter the winery, a second selection is carried out by passing all of the picked grapes over a selection table at which various operators remove the stems and any damaged or over- or under-matured grapes.  The selected grapes are then separated according to their plots of origin and transferred to the corresponding fermentation tank.


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Vea nuestro vídeo corporativo
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