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Jardín Vitícola- Experimental Vineyard

At Pago de Larrainzar you can discover the different systems of conduction and pruning of the Viticulture, applied to our own varieties. The vine, in its wild form, acquires a great development, but also the production will be irregular and of worse quality. The pruning consists of suppressing certain parts of the plant, according to the chosen system, avoiding the lengthening and aging of the strain and limiting the number of buds and, therefore, the level of production. Through the pruning of formation a structure is given to the vine, which must be maintained. By the fructification pruning, the fertile buds are selected.

The Experimental Vineyard has been planted on vegetable cover, next to the winery. This innovative resource aims to achieve two things: on the one hand, to teach all visitors how a vineyard is established, what works are carried out on it and how the different systems affect the grape. In addition, and as a second objective, we intend to learn from all this experimentation and apply it to the rest of our vineyard, if it reverts in a higher quality and personality of our wines. The different systems of conduction and pruning that you can see in our vineyard are:


Double arch caned-trained

Double Curved Guyot

Double Guyot

Double Vertical Shoot Position DVSP

G.D.C Geneva Double Curtain

Head-pruning vine in “Chandelier”

Head-pruning vine in line

Leaned Pergola

Minimal pruning of cordon-trained vines (MPCT)


Scott Henry

Single Cordon Royat

Single Curtain

Single curved Guyot

Single Guyot with horizontal canes

Smart Dyson

Sprawl in T

Sprawl in Y

Tied Head-pruning vines

U Shaped Lyre

V Shaped Lyre

Vertical Axis

Vertical axis with ring


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