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Managing the vineyard

We believe that the vineyard is the most important element in making a great wine.  Therefore, we want to understand our vines and work with them year after year to improve their potential.  It is essential to respect the natural equilibrium that gives us our most precious good – an extraordinary grape.

We carefully study throughout the year each of the vineyard’s plots in order to specifically apply the necessary work and treatments, employing a method known as “micromanagement” of the vineyard.  This method of working on each plot ensures that the grapes and wine reflect the personality of the variety and its own environment.

It is necessary to control the degree of vigor that our plants should have in order to ensure the best quality of grapes.  Our objective is to obtain small bunches and berries so that all of the grapes reach their optimal maturity at the time of harvest.

The Pago de Larrainzar vineyard has a drip irrigation system which ensures that the plants receive the necessary amount of water irrespective of the rainfall conditions of each season.  The irrigation system allows us to maintain the appropriate development of the vegetation and correct leaf-to-fruit balance and to ensure a sufficient amount of water during the maturity of the berries.  The drips are uncovered and hang about 30cm above the ground.

Pago de Larrainzar has the capability to supply all of the water to the plants, if necessary, by means of its own reservoir that has a useful capacity of 5,000 m3.


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