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The winery

The winery was designed by the prestigious navarran architect, Fernando Redón Huici, winner of the 2003 Principe de Viana Award for Arts. Construction began in 2002. It is a modern winery made of high quality materials and is completely integrated in its surroundings.

The winery is composed of four juxtaposed modules in a checkerboard pattern and has a total surface area of 1,300m2. We have our own bottling line that has a capacity of 1,500 bottles per hour. The bottling line is separated from the rest of the winery by glass doors in order to maintain the cleanliness and germ-free environment required during this process.

In addition to the modules dedicated to wine making and its preparation, the winery has a 510m2 area for social events such as wine tourism, wine tastings, banquets …


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Vea nuestro vídeo corporativo
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